Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy November -- Only a Day Late

So, I've been multi-tasking a lot the past couple of weeks. I had an arts and crafts project I had to get done for work that took quite a lot of my spare time from me, but I did manage to get about a third of the way through one of my warring books and most of the plot worked out in my head for the other.

During the time since my last post, I also spent time finishing up Searching for Home, which may be available at the usual places now, Amazon and Smashwords. After reading it a few more times, I'm really thinking it might be the start of another series. There seems like there is a lot more that can be told and I just need to figure out if it will be from other points of views, or just the main character from this book. Hopefully, some of the readers out there can help me decide which way to go.

For now, my mind is semi-focused on finishing the two books I'm working on and then moving back to Avery's world to clean those five books up and get that sixth book finally written. It's been on the list for a while and I think it's finally time. I've grown so much since I started that series that I really think I can do a lot of polishing and make them better. It will probably be a project that gets started around the new year, as long as no other ideas drive me crazy.

Well, I got to get back to trying to realign my vocal chords. I may have cheered just a little too loud at the hockey game I went to last night, but since the first star of the game was injured and couldn't make it back out on the ice, I had to cheer loud enough so he'd hear me in the locker room. That's my story anyway :)

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